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I wasn’t sure what to post for FF today, but STOP THE PRESSES! Thanks to the ladies at Manolo for the Big Girl, it was brought to my attention that today is Liza Minnelli’s birthday. In honor of that (and to get the song stuck in Bethany’s head), I bring you …

Happy Birthday, Liza, and Happy Friday to the rest of you!

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Can I tell you how glad I am that it’s Friday?

I AM SO GLAD that it’s Friday.

I’ve been down with a cold this week, and today is the first day since Monday that my health has been on the mend instead of in decline. Fortunately, my boss is awesome and let me work from home today so that I could still sort-of relax and recover, but not have to take a sick day.

Anyway, this week’s Friday Frivolity is my latest YouTube obsession (not counting the Phantom Reviewer): “Twilight Sucks! Emo Vampire Song” by The Key of Awesome. Watch and enjoy.

Happy Friday!

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I didn’t have time this week to look for my next batch of hilarious eHarmony profile pics (but they’re coming, I promise), since work was super-busy, and after work I had to rest to ward off a cold or flu or something. In fact, I had no idea what to do about Friday Frivolity, until I came across THIS LITTLE PIECE OF GENIUS.

I know not everyone out there is a fan of, or even approves of, the Harry Potter books. I happen to love them, and therefore thought this was HILARIOUS:


(JSYK: Probably not going to have a FF next week, seeing as it’s CHRISTMAS!!)

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Yes, it’s a video, but no, it’s not Friday Frivolity.

Now, OK, I’m not gung-ho about Fox News. I don’t even watch TV, since I have the Internet for news and movies. But I am a fan of John Stossel, who recently moved from ABC to Fox Business to do his own show. YouTube recommended this video for me, and when I watched it, I thought I would pass it along to our readers.

Here, in a brief segment, he discusses real examples of real generosity across the country. Despite the difficult economic times, true charity has not been squashed. I thought you all might appreciate seeing this, given that it’s the Christmas season, and we could all use a little extra cheer in Times Like These.

In other news, please pray for Bethany today. She is en route from Berlin to the States, coming home for Christmas and New Year’s. In less than 2 weeks, the Sisterhood of Perpetual Singleness will be together for the first time since July!

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Sarah Haskins of “Target Women” has become one of my favorite people I’ve never met. Here are some of my favorites from her “show”:


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This is a bit late for Friday Frivolity, but I have been distracted by—you won’t believe this—work and other real life responsibilities! I know, I know, and I’m sorry for letting you down. Hopefully this will make up for it.

Ever been caught in the “friend zone,” willingly or not? Sure, we all have. But maybe Boundless is right and that ISN’T the way God planned it!!!

(Apologies that the video wasn’t embedded. It’s actually embeddable, but WordPress is being … well, it would be un-Christian of me to describe what I really think of it right now.)

Unrelated note: I still owe you guys the fourth and final part of my (over)analysis of the Girl’s Guide, I know. The thing is, I misplaced the hard copy I had with all my notes, and I’m too lazy to go through it and rewrite them. It’s somewhere in my room, though. Can’t promise when it will be posted, but I can promise that it will be posted!

On that note, as always, Happy Friday, and have a blessed weekend!

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I’m posting this in a quick-like hurry because I get to leave work early today and head across several states to pay my native state of Ohio a little visit. Of course, I couldn’t neglect FF again, so here is one of my old YouTube favorites: Wonderful British instruction for women who want to keep their virtue and find a suitable husband (AS SHE MUST!).

Now you know what to do—have a Happy Friday and a great weekend!

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