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Apologies for a rather sudden absence. I’ve been under a lot of stress with work lately and preparing to move (AGAIN), and haven’t had much to share here. Bethany’s brother is visiting her for his spring break, so they’re off touring Europe. Siiiigh.

I did find something to post for FF this week, at least. (And I hope next week posting will be improved.) It’s from the great blog Etiquette Hell, which I particularly like for its accounts of weddings gone wrong. Terrible person that I am, I do enjoy a dose of wedding-related Schadenfreude.

Today’s FF isn’t necessarily wedding-related, but I still found it hilarious. Etiquette Hell posted “1950s Dance Etiquette” which is charming and amusing on many different levels. I was going to post a photo from the site, but then realized it would probably not be kosher without permission. So I’ll just tell you to click on the link and find great “dos and don’ts” that include:

-Don’t be a butterfly

-Don’t pounce on a new partner with obvious delight

-Allow total creepers to cut in on your dance

Happy Friday!


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This video needs no introduction, really…

The saddest part: update the hairdos, put the information into an online profile, and you have eHarmony. I KNOW THIS FROM EXPERIENCE.

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[Insert usual apology for lack of posting]

So, let’s say that you’re not quite ready for marriage, and you’re not really in love yet. But is there a guy you’re interested in? Someone you’d like to get to know better? Is he hott?

But … what would you DO together?

[No, not that. This is a Christian blog, silly.]

Following the regressive theme of the past few FFs, check out this video for some advice:

Happy Friday!

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This time, I’m writing a post that says “Happy birthday!” to ME!

One should never trust a woman who tells her real age. If she tells that, she’ll tell anything. ~Oscar Wilde

In honor of John Hughes (R.I.P.), and in honor my birthday, which did occur in the 1980s, I wanted to post a video clip from Sixteen Candles, particularly the kiss at the end. (Jake Ryan, call me!) Unfortunately, YouTube coughed up nothing I wanted that can be embedded, and nothing good enough to link to.

So instead, I’m still posting a FF in honor of my birthday, but I do so in mourning, since my birth occurred 220 years too late.

Out of the approximately 4,872,995 blogs I follow on Google Reader, one of them is the delicious  “Duchess of Devonshire’s Gossip Guide to the 18th Century.” 18th-century England happens to be my favorite historical period/location, so it’s no surprise that I love this blog. Yesterday, they posted a “Hunk Alert,” which was interesting but heartbreaking, as I found out that my soul mate (which I don’t even believe in!) did exist, but he is long dead.

I actually thought, “Oh, he would be perfect! I wonder if he was a Christian.” Then I looked up the “Eclectic Society of London,” of which he was a member, on Wikipedia, and found that it was a society established by the Anglican Church with a particular focus on foreign missions and the abolition of slavery. And John Newton, who penned the hymn “Amazing Grace,” was a member!

Not to mention the blog also described this man with the specific phrases “dark and brooding” and “dry sense of humour,” both of which tend to make me weak at the knees.

So, yes, big *swoon* then.

Oh, wait. He’s dead. Curses!

R.I.P., Your Grace. I’m sure we would have made a splendid match.

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Thank goodness I have tomorrow/today off work, because it’s almost 2am. So, yeah, technically Friday, right? Note to self: NEVER EVER TAKE THAT SLEEPING PILL AGAIN. (Took 2 hours to kick in, I slept for an hour, and now I’m wide-awake and my mind won’t stand still long enough for me to go back to sleep. Sigh.)

Oh, sorry, this isn’t my personal blog where I can truly vent my spleen. (And honestly, do spleens really need ‘venting’?) I actually did want to post an FF now because I JUST found something truly, truly wonderful:

The 15 Most Disturbing Retro Ads

And I mean, EVER.

(OK, except for number 11. That just looks like good family fun to me.)

I was going to pick a favorite, but I simply can’t decide.

Later on I plan to update this post, or just make a new one, with some recent pictures of your beloved blog authors. Bethany is coming to visit me, so we’ll have ample opportunity to take some new photos. I’m so excited!

Quick Hair Update: No significant changes in volume of oil per square inch. My hair is beginning to feel something akin to “fabulousness” actually. I’m beginning to really enjoy wearing a more tousled look.

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Good morning, good morning, and happy Friday! My stars, it seems like I have the blog all to myself (*ahem ahem*). Oh, dear.

Well, my wonderful readers, as the title suggests, today I’m taking you on a little vacation back in time, with the help of the Internet and a dash of my crazy history geekness. We’ll take a look at lost arts. And by “we’ll take a look at,” of course I mean, “You will click on these links about.”

First, Marie Antoinette’s Gossip Guide to the 18th Century has a brief blog post about Letter-Writing

Next, we have a website with some tips on Fan Language, which was popular in the Victorian era, as well as a couple centuries back. In the early 1700s, Joseph Addison wrote “Academy for the Instruction in the Use of the Fan,” which can be seen here. I’ve posted my favorite bit below:

The Fluttering of the Fan is the last, and indeed the master-piece of the whole Exercise; but if a lady does not misspend her time, she may make herself mistress of it in three months. I generally lay aside the dog-days and the hot time of the summer for the teaching this part of the Exercise; for as soon as ever I pronounce Flutter your Fans, the place is fill’d with so many zephyrs and gentle breezes as are very refreshing in that season of the year, tho’ they might be dangerous to ladies of a tender constitution in any other.

Lastly, take a gander at this page chock-full of etiquette and rules for being a proper Victorian lady. How many of these have you kept/broken today? Here are some examples:

Limit Your Observations. A boisterous, loud-talking man is disagreeable enough, but a woman who falls into the habit is almost unendurable.

Be not Excessively Frank. Do not take pride in offensively expressing yourself on every occasion under the impression that you will be admired for your frankness. Speaking one’s mind is an extravagance, which has ruined many a person.

Laugh at the Appropriate Time. Don’t laugh when a funny thing is being said until the climax is reached. Do not laugh at your own wit; allow others to do that.

Also, note that apparently ladies are not friends with *shudder* men.

Greet Friends with Discretion. A lady does not call out to friends or inquire after their health in a boisterous fashion. Ladies do not rush up to each other and kiss effusively. It is a foolish practice for ladies to kiss each other every time they meet, particularly on the street. It is positively vulgar; a refined woman shrinks from any act that makes her conspicuous. Such practice belongs rather to the period of “gush” natural to very young girls and should be discouraged on physiological grounds, if no other.

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