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In today’s society, to say that someone has “an agenda” is a terrible insult. It may imply single-mindedness, fanaticism, deceit, insensitivity, conspiracy, or any number of negative ideas. Like many Christ-followers, evangelism is a difficult area for me (“difficult” being probably far too mild of a word for it), and this is partly because I do not want to be seen as someone who has … an agenda.

I don’t remember if I’ve ever shared on this blog the way that God usually speaks to me, but it happened again at church last night.

Usually it starts with an idea being planted in my mind—whether it’s something I should be doing, something about myself that needs to change, a person I should talk to, etc. I think about it occasionally, during which time it may somehow come up in conversation. And then, once I have been “primed” to hear the message, it’s usually delivered via a church sermon or other authoritative method, as a spiritual wake-up blow to the head.

Lately I’d been thinking a little bit about how I need to share my faith more (uh, at all). Then on Saturday night we discussed evangelism at a mini-reunion of my mission trip team from this summer. I kind of felt this pressure to do something about it, and then, TA DAAA! it was the subject of last night’s message at my church.

So … yeah … God is trying to tell me something, perhaps.

This morning, Bethany and I were talking about how we both hate having an agenda. It seems dishonest, or disingenuous, or somehow not-good. But then I thought, OK … if someone is standing on a train track, and another person pushes them out of the way, the pusher has an agenda, right? That agenda is to save another person’s tuchas.

So, yes, we as Christians have an agenda. Except that agenda to distribute life-saving information, share the joy that we have found in Christ Jesus, and, oh yes, obey the God that we claim to love and serve.

I do hate to sound like a hypocrite: this is just as much a pep talk for myself as anyone reading this. I’m pretty much the least-qualified person to tell you how to go about doing this. Everyone may have a different method for evangelism, different fears regarding evangelism, and have different stories to tell. But the most important thing is to do it.

And whatever stands in your way—time, fear, resources, a speech impediment—God is even bigger.


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