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Holiday season is upon us, and it seems to be the second-most popular time to be pressured into having a date or Significant Other, whether it be for Thanksgiving and other family get-togethers, for Christmas parties, for New Year’s, etc. (The most popular, of course, is wedding season.)

For me, however, the annual headache of divvying up my time among my parents’ families, stepfamilies, friends, and so on, makes me think, “How do married/serious couples do it?” There’s always the debate of whether to spend Christmas or Thanksgiving at his family’s or her family’s, or somewhere else entirely. Double the stress if there are divorced parents who have remarried, creating several families for each spouse/partner.

This got me thinking how happy I am to be single and not have to worry about in-laws. It naturally followed that I started thinking of other reasons why I’m glad to be single. Here’s what I have so far, in no particular order:

1. No divvying up visits between more families (and it’s hard enough for me to see family, step-family, and “unofficially adopted” family)

2. No in-laws to worry about any time of the year

3. Don’t have to worry about another person’s nutritional wants/needs. I can make all my meals to my own specifications, and no one else’s.

4. No need to be concerned about kids—having, raising, etc.

5. Ogling guys with zero guilt (unless they are engaged or married)

6. My paycheck is my responsibility. Although this is half-blessing, half-curse, as I’m not a fan of budgeting. But I am a big fan of personal responsibility and having sole possession over the fruits of my labors that the IRS deigns to permit me to keep.

7. I get to decide where I go on vacation!

8. I really do enjoy my solo activities. Although I don’t like cocktail parties or going out to eat by myself (unless it’s Panera and I have my laptop), I do enjoy going to movies and museums alone.

9. If I ever decided to get a pet, I could get whatever I wanted. But judging from my less-than-stellar ability to keep houseplants alive, I probably should avoid any responsibility for the well-being of another living creature.

10. I have the freedom to move residences and towns and experiment with my life and job without having to be concerned about how it affects a romantic relationship.

11. Freedom to learn about myself and get to know myself as a person.

12. Time, space, freedom, etc. to build up and explore my relationship with God.

13. No worries about abandoning girlfriends or disappearing from everyone’s radar because I’m in a relationship. (Seriously, why does this happen?)

14. No risk of making anyone feel squicked out by our PDA. (Again, why does this need to happen?)

I may add more to this list as things come to me. But I thought I should post it now, since I’m not sure if there will be a Friday Frivolity this week, as I will be out of town for Thanksgiving and Internet access will be limited. If that is the case, have a wonderful holiday to our American readers, and I wish a wonderful week on everyone!


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Sarah Haskins of “Target Women” has become one of my favorite people I’ve never met. Here are some of my favorites from her “show”:


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In today’s society, to say that someone has “an agenda” is a terrible insult. It may imply single-mindedness, fanaticism, deceit, insensitivity, conspiracy, or any number of negative ideas. Like many Christ-followers, evangelism is a difficult area for me (“difficult” being probably far too mild of a word for it), and this is partly because I do not want to be seen as someone who has … an agenda.

I don’t remember if I’ve ever shared on this blog the way that God usually speaks to me, but it happened again at church last night.

Usually it starts with an idea being planted in my mind—whether it’s something I should be doing, something about myself that needs to change, a person I should talk to, etc. I think about it occasionally, during which time it may somehow come up in conversation. And then, once I have been “primed” to hear the message, it’s usually delivered via a church sermon or other authoritative method, as a spiritual wake-up blow to the head.

Lately I’d been thinking a little bit about how I need to share my faith more (uh, at all). Then on Saturday night we discussed evangelism at a mini-reunion of my mission trip team from this summer. I kind of felt this pressure to do something about it, and then, TA DAAA! it was the subject of last night’s message at my church.

So … yeah … God is trying to tell me something, perhaps.

This morning, Bethany and I were talking about how we both hate having an agenda. It seems dishonest, or disingenuous, or somehow not-good. But then I thought, OK … if someone is standing on a train track, and another person pushes them out of the way, the pusher has an agenda, right? That agenda is to save another person’s tuchas.

So, yes, we as Christians have an agenda. Except that agenda to distribute life-saving information, share the joy that we have found in Christ Jesus, and, oh yes, obey the God that we claim to love and serve.

I do hate to sound like a hypocrite: this is just as much a pep talk for myself as anyone reading this. I’m pretty much the least-qualified person to tell you how to go about doing this. Everyone may have a different method for evangelism, different fears regarding evangelism, and have different stories to tell. But the most important thing is to do it.

And whatever stands in your way—time, fear, resources, a speech impediment—God is even bigger.

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No Friday Frivolity today—I have to share something that occurred to me as I was doing a little devotional time at my work desk here.

I was reading Isaiah 40:31 as part of my Monday night Bible study, but then decided to go back and read all of 40, and then 41. This passage in particular struck me:

Isaiah 41:17-18: “The afflicted and needy are seeking water, but there is none, and their tongue is parched with thirst; I, the LORD, will answer them Myself, as the God of Israel I will not forsake them. I will open rivers on the bare heights and springs in the midst of the valleys; I will make the wilderness a pool of water and the dry land fountains of water.”

The “afflicted and needy,” who have tongues “parched with thirst,” would probably be satisfied and immensely grateful if the Lord simply handed them a cup of water from heaven. That alone would be amazing.

But our God is a God of love, of abundance, and of shameless extravagance. How many times have we prayed to Him for something, waited for something, and wanted something, thinking how unfair it is that we don’t receive it? Surely God can hurry up with that little cup of water, right? It’s such a little thing, it shouldn’t be hard for him to provide to us, right?

Hold on a sec. He wants a heck of a lot more for us. We might be satisfied with a glass of water, but God is not. He wants to “open the rivers on the bare heights,” and “make the wilderness a pool of water.” And when He does, He wants to make sure we notice.

Have you ever received a blessing that far surpassed what you were hoping for? Think about it.

The Lord wants to be ridiculously generous with us. Our God is a God of shameless extravagance.

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This is a bit late for Friday Frivolity, but I have been distracted by—you won’t believe this—work and other real life responsibilities! I know, I know, and I’m sorry for letting you down. Hopefully this will make up for it.

Ever been caught in the “friend zone,” willingly or not? Sure, we all have. But maybe Boundless is right and that ISN’T the way God planned it!!!

(Apologies that the video wasn’t embedded. It’s actually embeddable, but WordPress is being … well, it would be un-Christian of me to describe what I really think of it right now.)

Unrelated note: I still owe you guys the fourth and final part of my (over)analysis of the Girl’s Guide, I know. The thing is, I misplaced the hard copy I had with all my notes, and I’m too lazy to go through it and rewrite them. It’s somewhere in my room, though. Can’t promise when it will be posted, but I can promise that it will be posted!

On that note, as always, Happy Friday, and have a blessed weekend!

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Something I’ve realized as I go dancing through life:

It may be hard to be kind and polite to, and to pray for, people you don’t like. But being kind to them, and especially praying for them, also makes it harder to dislike them.

I know it’s a basic concept, but sometimes we need a little refresher. Since God gave me such a reminder tonight, I thought I would pass it on.


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